Monday, March 29, 2010

You Make Me Smile

This past weekend we celebrated Bryce's 4th birthday.
We had a great day of family, friends, and good food. This was a day dedicated to my favorite little man. I think we succeeded in making him feel extra special!
Good morning buddy! Today is for you!
These two extra special boys are the BEST of friends. We caught them laying on the couch together playing Bryce's new game. The moments I cherish most in life are those when we catch our children truly loving one another, it melts my heart!

Happy Birthday Brycie! He loves monster trucks, and he loved his super chocolate monster truck cake!

.......and the cupcakes!
.........and his presents!

.........and his family and friends!

Aunt Jenna and her favorite munchkin
Macey loves her baby time with Kaitlyn
Mmmmm that was a good cupcake
Beautiful Smile
A party isn't complete without dancing, isn't she adorable!
Learning to drive the new RC truck. (thank you Jenna, it is a real hit)
Too much sugar!
His first Webkinz, "how does the doggie get in the computer?"



  1. I love you buddy and I am glad you loved your remote control truck I got you!

  2. Awww! Happy Birthday, Bryce! Looks like a great party...and now I am seriously craving some chocolate after seeing that cake! =)
    ...Love the pics of the boys on the couch. So Sweet!

  3. We had a great time with you over the weekend! Happy Birthday, Brycie!

  4. Happy Birthday Bryce....can I have a piece of that yummy chocolate cake?!? : )


  5. Looks like a great birthday! Kaitlyn sure is getting big! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Bryce:) Looks like you had a wonderful day:)

  7. Happy Birthday Bryce! Looks like he had a great party!!