Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Tug At My Heart (Please Read)

I've put a lot of thought into this post, it has taken me awhile to find the right words. I’m really not sure what this is I’m going through. I’m finding myself in a funk, wanting more?! It’s puzzling because my plate is quite full right now, but there is something going on inside that I have had a hard time putting my finger on, and no it is not the baby (smile). I have tried talking it through with my husband and girlfriends, I have prayed for direction, and done much self reflection. I’m exhausted! What could possibly be missing, my life is full…right?

What’s missing? This is what I have come up with…

• Time with friends (without children) would be really nice
• Dates with my husband, how I dream of those
• Time to scrapbook again, or cake decorating for fun, its been along time

But none of those quite seem right. I have prayed and all along God has answered. Reece's Rainbow International Orphan Ministry. It’s been in front of me for so long. I was introduced to it slowly, first before Christmas, there are buttons on a lot of my favorite blogs, some of them have actually adopted a child with Down syndrome (awesome). This ministry has been pulling at my heart for awhile now, and lately I can not get it out of my head, my HEART. It’s time to do something! (No we’re not planning on adopting, relax, for now anyway:).

Many of my followers are familiar with the ministry, but many are not. This is what you need to know. There are children with Down syndrome all over the world living in orphanages, there are 100’s just on RR website. There are also families here in the states who want to adopt these children. So you say, “What’s the problem?” It’s the cost. An average international adoption costs up to $30,000. Who has that money laying around? Not many people. In the mean time these children remain in orphanages with limited services, care, and love. And are you ready for the worst part, the part that keeps me up at night… when an orphan with Down syndrome reaches the age of 4 or 5 (it varies country to country) they are transferred to a mental institution, and this becomes their forever fate, they can no longer be on the adoption list, they are placed in metal crib, many left alone or placed in crowded rooms, not being loved. Many of them die, they don’t have access to medical care and therapy, and we know that many children with Ds have heart defects that require surgical repair, like my Katie, along with so many other needed services. It breaks my hearts!

So this is what I want to do. I have become a warrior through Reece's Rainbow for a little girl Valerie. She is only 5 months old. She is one of the youngest and if adopted early could benefit from early intervention. She still needs a forever family. I want to help raise the funds for her adoption as well as maybe even help find her a forever family. Who knows maybe adoption has been something pulling at your heart or maybe you know of a family would longs to adopt. Introduce them to Valerie or another child at Reece’s Rainbow. Since we know this is not the time to add anymore children to our family I want to help by raising funds. My hope is that this ministry speaks to many of you. Please pray about it and see if God moves your heart the way he has mine. Economic times are tough, I’m not going to go to my close family and friends asking for donations. Instead I’m hoping to team up with others. Maybe if we all do a little of something…a bake sale at our church, or a prayer request in the bulletin along with a special offering. Maybe a dress down day at work, or a donation can at our local store, maybe even a benefit dinner, or forgoing birthday presents and making a donation instead. The skies the limit. What is amazing about this cause is it can make a real difference to a real child and a real family. We really can make a difference. We can bring a child home.

This cause is special to me naturally because of Kaitlyn. Maybe there is a different cause that calls you and that’s okay. I just want to do my part and be a voice for this little girl and all the children at RR. There are many families out there already committed to a child who are desperately trying to bring their child home. If all goes well maybe we can help one of those families as well. I have so many ideas in my head and I welcome all of yours as well. Please contact me (jeneeross@comcast.net) if you want to get involved. I plan on sending out an email, as well as putting something on facebook, so if you hear of this several times I apologize. I’m excited!

Meet Valerie


  1. I just found your blog through another one that I follow...my 10 month old daughter Emily has DS and also has a 3 year old big brother. Love this post, thank you being such a champion for this cause!

  2. You're probably familiar with my friend, Jennifer Sanchez, and her fundraising to bring Sofia home. If not, check out savingsofia.blogspot.com to be inspired. The more you share this in the real world, with people through your local Ds organization, local parent magazines, etc, the more support and awareness you'll get. Success for Sofia's adoption has been a team effort of many friends working hard. I can feel that tug through your words and I hope little Valerie finds a home soon.