Friday, March 19, 2010

World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Tomorrow is a special day as well as an opportunity for me to promote awareness. Almost exactly 1 year ago today we found out our little Kaitlyn would be born with Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome). We have come along way since that day. It felt like the death of a child when we received the news. I reflect on those first days and weeks and it makes me quite emotional still. Over time we educated ourselves and got rid off all the ignorant misconceptions we had about Down syndrome. I new very little about it and most of what I did know or thought I knew was negative and inaccurate.
Today we are are at a much better place. We've had a few hurdles to over come but right now things are so NORMAL. She holds my heart. She like any other baby. She is meeting new milestones everyday and we rejoice in them with her. What I want everyone to know, especially those who are not personally affected by Ds is that life is great. Don't take an interest in Kaitlyn because you feel sorry for her. Do it because she is amazing, and pretty stinkin cute. The sky is the limit at what she can and will accomplish. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and we already are such better people because of it. God had a much greater plan. She as well as all others with Down syndrome are more alike then different.
I hit 18,000 hits on my blog yesterday. It still amazes me that people come and read what I have to say. I'm sure pictures of the adorable munchkins help (smile)! In honor of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, I want to ask everyone a favor. Please donate $21 on 3.21.2010 to an orphan with Ds. I have pledged to help raise funds towards Valerie's adoption. She is a 5 month old beauty in Eastern Europe. If adopted early she could really benefit from early intervention. If not adopted at all she will face a life alone in an institution. That is were they are placed by age 5 and become no longer available for adoption. Money is tight for everyone right now, but if we all just pledged $21 it would add up so fast. We can change Valerie's life! You will find on the top left of my site a secure way to donate through Pay Pal. It goes directly to Valerie at Reece's Rainbow International Adoption Ministry, and its tax deductible.
Thank you for helping change a very special little life!

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