Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Nights

The beach, we love the beach! This is usually something the kids and I do together, Daddy's at work, not to mention Blair and the sun don't have a very good relationship. This particular Summer has been especially warm, and being VERY pregnant along with having three munchkins in tow has proposed to be quite a challenge for me. We haven't been to the beach nearly as often as I would like.

We came up with a solution...going to the beach in the evening. It works for everyone! It isn't nearly as HOT, which makes the pregnant Mommy happy. The sun is resting which is kinder to my husbands skin. And I have a lot of help from my amazing husband with the kiddos. We relax, the kids play, and Blair has the opportunity to take tons of pictures! Not to mention everyone comes home exhausted and sleeps through the night! (except me, frequent urination and heartburn, love it, only 5 more weeks to go!)

Kaitlyn loves the sand, no texture issues here!

I was wondering how long she could go without eating it!
She made it quite awhile, and then in the mouth it went...mmmm!

The boys have a blast!

We are still sweeping up sand!
Kaitlyn required 2 baths to rid the sand from her girly parts, my goodness!

Happy Summer!

All About Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn has been busy meeting many BIG milestones. We are so proud of her. In a two week time frame she mastered ALL her new 6 month goals in OT and PT. Her biggest delay at the moment is speech. We constantly work on language stimulation, strengthening her mouth muscles and imitating her noises but she just doesn't have much to say. To be honest I'm not very concerned. She has made huge strides with her gross and fine motor skills. How much can the girl do at one time?! We are continuously monitoring Kaitlyn's ears. She has some fluid but continues to pass all her hearing tests. Regardless her hearing is muffled and they are worried that is contributing to her lack of speech. If the fluid stays tubes are in her future. Below are some SUPER cute pictures of Kaitlyn making funny faces. These faces are quite new and very exciting for us. She's moving her mouth and blowing bubbles which is a start in the right direction speech wise.
Some of Kaitlyn's Many Funny Faces

Kaitlyn forming the "ooooh" sound!

Her pouty lip!

So pretty!

And her biggest milestone.........

Sitting independently!!! Huge Milestone!

Her other BIG milestone.........

Getting up on all fours!

Yea Kaitlyn!

She is so proud of herself!

And to sweeten your day, a big smile from the princess!

Hope you have a GREAT day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For The Big Guy (aka Grandpa S)

Sure wish we could all be together on days like today!

You were greatly missed and thought of often!

You are a special person from the inside out!

And at the TOP of 3 little munchkins special person list!

We love you so much and appreciate all that you do!

Hope you enjoyed your day, and we can not wait until we get to see you again!

so without further ado.........

~Jenee, Brady, Bryce, & Kaitlyn