Friday, March 19, 2010

One Of The First Signs Of Spring

Bryce could not wait for the snow to melt. He had been BEGGING for his Hummer to be freed from the garage, so one day last week with most of the snow gone he got his wish. He was in heaven. If you personally know Brycie you know that he is a vehicle fanatic, really anything with a motor is what makes him tick. His obsession over the years has gotten stronger. I'm curious what line of work he will end up choosing, at the very least I'm sure we can count on him to be our personal mechanic! He is already asking his Daddy to help cut the grass. Below is a video of him doing one of his favorite things, driving. He is really good at it. This is for his grandparents in TN who miss him dearly. Grandma only has one more treatment to go and we are hoping to see them real soon!!!

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