Saturday, March 20, 2010

A 5 year olds silly sense of humor

Every few days we try to make it a priority and have the boys talk to my parents. They are down in Tennessee and we miss them terribly. My Mom's treatments will be over soon (4 weeks), so hopefully we can see them soon. Brady and my Dad have always had a special bond. They tend to spend their conversations being silly with one another (playing on the phone). This morning I recorded a small clip of the two of them "playing." My Dad didn't know, but he will soon !!!
Brady has entered a new phase, he loves magic, and TRIES to tell jokes. They make absolutely no sense, but we laugh and he keeps going. He's hilarious, and loves an audience. This video is for you Dad.....Surprise! Hope to see you both soon!
-Pause the music to hear their conversation-


  1. Brady is so funny they were really on a roll this morning. I bet dad will like that. Brady is a funny guy Love you buddy:)

  2. My daughter is in the same knock knock joke phase - so cute.

  3. So cute! He reminds me of Caleb - he loves knock knock jokes too!