Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Horribly Amazing Day!

Today was quite a day. With Kaitlyn's surgery only days away the mood in the house has been, well...tense. We all seem to be wearing our emotions on our sleeves, even the boys. They have little idea what the next couple weeks will bring but clearly sense something is going on.

There is a lot to get done before Sunday. The biggest stress we've had is waiting for the official approval from the insurance company to allow Kaitlyn's surgery to be performed at the University of Michigan. We've been fighting this battle since we learned of her heart defect (complete AVSD) back in June. Surgery was scheduled last week. The doctors seemed confident the surgery would get covered but Blair and I remained less optimistic. We would believe it when we had an authorization number. The days have continued to come and go and no official authorization. Our family and friends have been rearranging there lives for this and all I could think is that our plans would fall apart at the last minute.

Tears of joy came this afternoon when we received the phone call that she is 100% approved. I literally felt weight being lifted from my shoulders. The fight was soooo stressful, but we won the war. We fought for Kaitlyn and it payed off. Her surgery will be performed by an amazing surgeon, Dr. Richard Ohye, at one of the top pediatric cardiology hospitals in the nation. (sigh) God is good!

We will leave for Ann Arbor either Sunday evening or very early Monday morning. Her pre-surgery testing will begin Monday morning at 10am. She will get a chest x-ray, sedated echo, EKG, and blood work. We will meet with an anesthesiologist and a cardiologist. Tuesday morning the surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM. Her surgery will last approximately 4 hours. She will then go to the PICU where she could be 3-5 days. Once the ventilator is removed and she is breathing well on her own she will get moved to the general care floor. Her estimated stay is 10 days give or take. All healthy adult visitors are welcome! Hospital policy due to H1N1 is no kids under 16. The hospital advised our family and friends to watch a video to help us prepare for surgery and Kaitlyn's recovery. If you plan on visiting take a peak at the video. Thanks again to everyone for all your continued prayers. I hope to keep updating through her surgery and recovery.


  1. Great news!! Keep your chin up - we were out of the hospital in 6 days. Little Kaitlyn may surprise you! Before we took our 3 yr old to see Max in the hospital, we took her to the toy store to pick out a stuffed animal for Max. She slept with it a night or two "putting all her love and hugs into it". Then she brought it to the hospital and gave it to him so he could have her hugs and loves the whole time he was there. She really liked being able to be part of the event.

  2. Great to hear that you are approved. Now you can just get mentally prepared. Best of luck and sending prayers your way. My little on had his surgery in May. It's a hard to go through but so worth it! Awesome that you got a top surgeon though. We had a few complications but made it out in 15 days. The difference in energy is huge!!! You just wait and see. Sending hugs to you at this time.

  3. Oh that is absolutely wonderful news! No parent should have to go through that kind of stress!

    Although Gabe had a straight VSD repair, I just wanted to say that don't be surprised by Kaitlyn's ability to recover quickly! Two days after his heart surgery, Gabe was trying to sit up in my lap.

    Also, brace yourself for the first sight of Kaitlyn right after surgery. It can be frightening and overwhelming because of all the medical equipment. I remember one nurse saying, "Go ahead. Touch him." because I didn't know what to do but cry and wring my hands. But I would do it all again because of Gabe's quality of living!

    Sending lots of support your way! And big hugs for Kaitlyn!♥

  4. So glad you have been approved. Best of luck to you guys during all of this!

  5. I'm so glad you have been approved!! I will be praying for Kaitlyn on Tuesday.

  6. I got chills reading this! What a blessing! Praying for your sweet girl on Tuesday...and for your momma-heart, too. Remember...heart surgery is a gift!

  7. Amy Dr. D's officeNovember 14, 2009 at 7:01 PM

    I am so happy that you were able to get the surgery approved. I will be thinking of you and Blair and of course sweet little Kaitlyn on Tuesday. You guys are an amazing family and I know that together you will make it thru all of this. I will be waiting impatiently to see you guys when you get dicharged. She is a perfect little angel, and I feel blessed to know her. Thinking of you often.

  8. So glad you got your approval! I will be praying for Kaitlyn and you and your whole family as you prepare, undergo and recover from surgery.