Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Vacation In Pictures

This past weekend we took a vacation way North to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island, Michigan. This has become an almost annual trip that we take over Memorial Day weekend each year. We absolutely LOVE it up there. It is beautiful, relaxing, and the boys look forward to going like most kids get excited about Disney World. Boy do we have them fooled!

My 3 boys. Pure love. In 8 weeks it will be 4 boys. Holy smokes, we really need to decide on a name!

I had a few people ask, "What do you do up there, other than visiting the island?" There is so much to do. You can spend as little or as much money as you want. It is full of history, beauty, and small town charm. The first day we spent swimming, visiting the water park attached to our hotel and ended up in the quaint shopping district in the middle of Mackinaw City. Each evening they have musicians playing in a small arena in the center of town, the boys danced, Kaitlyn played in the grass, and we had a lot of ice cream.
The picture above and below is of Fort MichiliMackinaw located in Mackinaw City. It has tons of history, demonstrations, reenactment's, and a really cool little park for the kids to play at. While visiting the blacksmith in the middle of the little village in the fort Brady was given a piece of flintstone which was used back in the day to create a spark and lite the muzzle loaders and canons. It has become his most treasured item. Such a silly little boy!

The next two pictures were taken on Mackinac Island. It is so beautiful there. We lucked out this year, the lilacs were in full bloom a couple weeks early. It smelled so good. On the island there are not any motorized vehicles, the whole island gets around by horse drawn carriage or bike. Its really neat. We spent our second day there. Last year we biked the island but not this year. We have to many munchkins to pull in a cart and they didn't have bikes with training wheels. Maybe next year!

Here are a couple pictures of the Mackinaw Bridge. I think Blair took a couple hundred pictures of the bridge. These are two of my favorites.

Below are some pictures of the little water park and pool. The kids loved it. Even the large pregnant women went swimming, somethings you just do for your kids. This was Kaitlyn's first time in a pool, she loved it. Maybe its a coincidence but this week since being back she has really enjoyed her baths even more, splashing and playing in the water.

Poor Kaitlyn was in a boy's floatation device. Sorry sweet pea, the boys were here first!

Our neighbors also ventured up north the same weekend. We met up during the Memorial Day parade. These kids have known each other since birth. It was a lot of fun!

I love this next picture! Her eyes are getting so blue!
I know I'm bias, but these are some cute little munchkins!

Bryce (above), Brady (below)

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. super cute munchkins. :-D What a beautiful vacation. We always talking about heading north when we come to visit, but we're usually there for Christmas...too cold. haha

  2. Ahhh...looking at your pictures reminds me of my childhood. We lived in Brighton, MI from 1981-1986. My sister and I had Tigers hats and t-shirts that said "I Rode the Tiger Wave" And, each year we crossed the Mackinaw bridge to go to my grandparents' house in Ironwood, MI. =)
    Great pics -- and once again...adorable children!

  3. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! What an amazing place to take a vacation!