Friday, May 21, 2010

A Wonderful Visit With Grandma And Grandpa

Our weather continues to get nicer. Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner, they are predicting 80's for next week. I would have settled for a few weeks in the 70's first, but I'm not complaining, really! (Just really pregnant, large, and HOT)

We've had a busy few weeks. We are outside every second we get trying to enjoy life despite all the doctor's appointments, IEP's, and end of the school year activities.

Last week, finally, after 8 months we got a visit from my parents. I am so excited to announce my Mom is in remission after an aggressive fight with bone lymphoma. Praise God! It was a rough time for everyone, but she did it. She dug deep and found strength she didn't know she had and fought. I am so PROUD of her!!! Thank you to everyone for all your continued prayers. Below is a picture of Kaitlyn in a cute little dress my Mom made for her. Despite Kaitlyn's rapid growth (18lbs 11oz) she fit into the dress great!

Below are several more pictures of the week with my parents. The week flew by but we had a great overdue visit. It is crazy to think the next time we are able to see them we will have a new addition to our family (9 weeks to go).


  1. I'm glad that your visit went well. We'll have to talk again soon b/c I think that might be one of the only things we didn't catch up on! I love all these pictures. Your mom looks AWESOME!!

  2. Love all the pictures! So glad to hear about your mom & that your parents were able to come visit. Fabulous!! I can't believe you only have 9 more weeks to go. It seems like you just made your big announcement a short time ago.

  3. Such great pictures:) So glad mom is doing better.