Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heart Melting Smiles & A Challenge

Today I finally was able to get some pictures of Ty's great smile. He's been smiling for a couple of weeks now but I could never get a good picture. Well today I did. He's pretty cute huh?

His eyes for the longest time looked grey. Not anymore. I think we have another blue-eyed baby.

I absolutely love this picture of Bryce and Ty. Bryce is an amazing big brother to Kaitlyn and Ty. He sincerely loves the babies, enjoys helping me, likes to play with them, and begs to hold Ty. He's also proven to be quite the protector. Such a GOOD boy! I apologize for not including Brady in this post. The poor thing is at school all day long.

Today is October 1st, it will definitely be a busy month. Life is always busy with our 4 wee ones. This month I will celebrate another birthday, 7 years with my adoring husband, a weekend "up north" with family, Halloween, and the everyday mundane tasks that keep me going all day. On top of it all I have taken a pledge, excepted a challenge. In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month I have pledged to blog daily, I have taken the 31 for 21 challenge.

This month I will write about our crazy life with 4 kids, peanut allergies, bullying, Ty's birth story (finally), Kaitlyn's day to day, her therapies, health status, and much, much more! I promise to include tons of pictures and I will try to keep it interesting. Most importantly I will talk about life with a child with Down syndrome, the ups, downs, and all the amazing joys in between. I will include pet peeves (*hint, people first language and the "R" word). So hang around, keep coming back and I'll try to keep it interesting.

See you tomorrow!


  1. kaitlyn is a doll! i started a blog for our maggie rae who was born with that magic chromosome may 17th, 2009. i am going to TRY and do the 31 for 21, emphasis on try! our blog is

  2. what a sweet bunch of kiddos, love that RED hair! just found your blog and look forward to following more

  3. Wow, Ty is sure a hunny! I love the pic of Ty and KT in the stroller and the one of Ty and Bryce is adorable! KT looks so grown up next to Ty. You sure make cute kiddos and they're sweet too!!