Monday, September 6, 2010

A Birthday Party Fit For A PRINCESS!

I had an amazing birthday party!
It had me smiling all day long!

It was a day fit for a princess!

There were balloons...

and cupcakes...

(don't you just want to lean in and eat one)

and a really pink cake...

and boy were they good!

Just ask my cousin Jack!

Many of my favorite family and friends were able to come help celebrate!

Wyatt & Macey


and my Grandpa R and S.

My Aunt Jenna was there of course snuggling my baby brother Ty.

All the older kids played a lot of games. I can't wait until I'm a little older and I can get in on the fun!

The sack race was a big hit!

Oh, and all the girly presents! It's about time we get some girl stuff in the house. My brothers have too many trucks! Thank you to everyone for all the special gifts!

Below is a baby doll made just for me by my Grandma S.
She has red hair and blue eyes just like me!

It's cake and cupcake time. Yummy!

What a great ending to an already awesome day!

Thank you again to everyone who was able to come!

And also a big thank you to all my computer friends out there who follow my story and share my dreams!


  1. Awww, she is a princess! Happy birthday sweet girl!!

  2. Amazing pics! We had a great time! Thankyou! Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlyn! Angie Brock and family

  3. what a wonderful birthday celebration! i love the doll that your grandma made for you kaitlyn - it is AWESOME!

  4. Very cute pictures it was alot of fun and we will remember her first birthday forever love you baby girl!