Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kaitlyn's Eyes

I always knew there was a good possibility that Kaitlyn would develop Strabismus estropia, crossing of an eye(s).

My oldest Brady developed it, the crossing of his left eye, at age 2 years 9 months. At the time we were devastated, not only did we find out that he had SE but we also found out he was very farsighted. I was in denial. How could he be so farsighted and I didn't know. But the specialist was right, and after a few attempts at finding him the right eye glass prescription, which was quite costly, the crossing of Brady's eye became corrected (with his glasses on). It averages yearly that Brady needs new glasses. As he gets older he cooperates during his exams better and they get the prescription right on. As of now there isn't any reason to think Brady will need surgery to correct the problem, his glasses are working, and eventually (fingers crossed) he won't need his glasses for the SE and if he chooses he can wear contacts for the farsightedness.


We were told that the average child has a 1:100 chance of developing SE. Once a child has a sibling with SE their chances are 1:20. SE is also common in children with Ds. Which brings us to little Kaitlyn. Due to Ds and having a sibling with SE we have been prepared for her to develop it. At her wellness check last month the doctor asked if I had seen any crossing and I hadn't. Sometimes you can look at a child with Down syndrome and it might appear their eyes are not evenly aligned, but due to the wide bridge in their nose, at times it can look this way.

Well over the last 2 weeks I've started noticing some crossing...ugh! I questioned it at first, but over the last days it has gotten really bad. I'm so sad!!! It is in both eyes and is quite frequent. I shouldn't be upset, I know with all the medical issues children can have it isn't a big deal. But today it feels like a BIG deal. Oh how I wish she could have been a little older, I would have settled for a toddler, but an INFANT!!!!!

Brady's glasses have always stayed on, we get him the cable temples, and he has always wanted to wear them. It is uncomfortable for his eye to cross, giving him double vision and headaches. As he has gotten older he really has been able to verbalize how it feels. I worry about Kaitlyn being so young (little), how will I keep glasses on her face, we can't even keep a head band, or bow in. I've read up on it some on the Internet, I shouldn't be self diagnosing I know, but with Brady I feel pretty confident. It said online that SE in infancy often requires surgery...ugh! We will see what the doctor has to say......

Has any one had any problems with their babies eyes? What glasses did you choose? Any advice?


  1. Hugs to you. My little Wysdom has one eye that crosses all the time and one that does it just a little. We are into the patching of the good eye now to work the bad eye. We are a candidate for surgery. They never mentioned glasses. As well this is the case for another family that we know.
    He also has Nystagmus as well. All I can do is share what we are going through. Right now it doesn't bother me because we have been dealing with many other issues. I do hope that it does get corrected somehow though. I do believe that the surgery is an option before the age of 2 years old. Not that I love another surgery but that is what our doctors are going for. Check my blog in the end of May and I will know more about glasses and surgery:)

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  3. Never had that problem. One thing I wonder, how do eye doc's check vision in kids who were born with Down syndrome? We took Carly to one eye doctor 3 different times. He was a joke. Her eyes were "healthy" as he put it, but as far as her being able to see, or not see...we got no stinking answers. How do they check kids eyes. I mean kids with special needs and limited vocab? I would really like to get a clear diagnosis on her vision. Yes, we know nothing is going on with her eyes, but we just don't know how well she sees. Sorry for rambling!

  4. I had that as a child, did the patching and glasses and surgery. Back then they didn't know as much as they do now. I had the muscle surgery again 4 years ago as it was crossing again, usually when tired or drinking and gradually got worse and did it all the time. Dr. Droste (sp?) in GR is wonderful! He is a pediatric eye specialist but does adults too...he is amazing! Read up on him...he has done some wonderful surgeries, even on babies in the womb! Good luck!!!

  5. Gabriel got his first pair of glasses at 7 months old due to his eyes crossing. The glasses are not able to help him. We will be having surgery April 29th to correct his eyes. We have an awesome eye doctor who is able to break things down for us. If you need her name I am more than happy to get it to you. I know she goes to holland once a week, and i believe she goes to muskegon once a week. The other days she is in grand rapids.
    Stay strong, this too shall pass.