Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attention Moms (and all busy Ladies)

I am looking for ways to declutter my mind and house. Simple easy things to make my life easier that doesn't take too much time away from the kiddos. What do you do to make your day easier, and reduce stress? I want your ideas! Hopefully I can get enough and start a weekly blog post. Nothing is too small or silly. I need help as do many other Moms.

Let's hear it, I can tell you were here, everyone should have at least one tip, so share it!

I'll start by sharing one:

*Buy frozen chicken breast in bulk, when you get home, cook all of it, freeze portioned bags and it's ready to help you make a fast dinner any night of the week. (Thanks Sarah for the tip, pretty sure it was one of your ideas a while back)

Here is some feedback I got from Facebook (thanks for sharing ladies):

* I can't declutter my mind until I declutter my house. I've not figured out how to do it either.... looking forward to some suggestions.

* OK I don't really have an wisdom, but I do have 4 children who love to bug mommy when she is in the kitchen. So, I started buying pre-made pizza crusts and all kinds of crazy toppings. They each sit at the table and get to put exactly what they want on it, whether it be marshmallow creme and chocolate chips or something an actual person could eat. LOL...makes dinner time sooo much less stressful for me.

* I have one, but you have to sacrifice your desire for getting your house all clean on one day. I function better in this season of life by doing only minimal chores a day. First I start by doing one or 2 loads of laundry a day. It is much easier for me to actually get it back into the drawers in a record 3 days! Mondays I mop the kitchen, ...Tuesdays I wipe down the bathroom, Wednesday I catch up on laundry (mostly folding and putting away), Thursday I dust (once a month) and vacuum (every week), and Friday I do something that's "deep" like baseboards.

As far as cooking, a lot of times if I am making a casserole or spaghetti sauce for dinner, I double it and put the second portion in the freezer. Saves money on take-out for when there is a sick kid or exhausted mommy in the house - which is often :). If you have to take it directly from the freezer, you just double the cooking time for a casserole and you can defrost sauces in the microwave in about 30 minutes.

* 1) For cleaning the magic eraser is awesome (crayon on walls scuff marks & even dog drool on my couch)
2) 15 min before dinner when the kids are bothering you complaining they are hungry put out some veggies if they really are hungry they eat it. Even if they spoil dinner, at least they had veggies.

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  1. I just heard about doing the same thing with ground beef - buy it 3-5 lbs at a time and cook it all when you get home. You can even throw in some onion if a lot of your recipes call for that. Then you freeze the cooked burger in 1-2 lb bags so you can toss it into a recipe as needed.

    I also recently read a blog (sorry, can't remember what one) post about some simple things you can do every day to keep your house "clean enough". The ones most helpful to me were: clean your sinks, get everyone involved in a cleaning frenzy once a week, and clean the kitchen nightly.