Monday, April 5, 2010

A Fun Filled Week And A Lot Of Pictures

Since a picture speaks a thousand words I'm going to let the collages do most of the talking, with a few added details. Easter was a lot of fun! The boys are at a great age and are starting to remember our yearly traditions. Instilling traditions is a job I take very seriously as a Mom. Growing up my Mom worked extra hard to make sure holidays were memorable and very special. She still does, even from far away with cancer. And no matter how old I get it is something to look forward too. There isn't a holiday that she doesn't celebrate, that we don't celebrate. I am enjoying creating traditions now for my family.
Happy 8 months old pretty girl. Oh how I love this little one!
A special package came in the mail this past week from my parents. The coming of a package means there is reason to celebrate. Easter sweets and treats for the little and big kids alike. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Also in the package was something extra special for Brycie. His birthday present from his Grandma and Grandpa S. He loves it! Today is Bryce's actual birthday,
Happy 4th Birthday Buddy!
Spring break has just started for the boys so this too will be a busy week, I can't wait!!!


  1. Your picture collages look great. Kaitlyn is so cute. Hope you are doing well.

  2. beautiful pictures!!! I love how you did your collages. I need to know how you did that!

  3. Great pictures!! It looks like you had a great Easter!