Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A photo journal of Kaitlyn's first 3 weeks

We meet!

Just out of recovery! Holding Kaitlyn for the first time!

Pictures from the NICU

Little Glow Worm! The light that helped with her jaundice.

Discharge day!!!

Brother Bryce & Sister

Brother Brady & Sister
Aunt Jenna & Kaitlyn
Sweet Baby! Its been hard trying to get a good pic with her eyes open!


  1. Love those big brother pictures!!

  2. Kaitlyn is so sweet! I loved looking at the pictures! I noticed you have dressed her in some very cute outfits! Girls have such great clothes don't they?!

    Kaitlyn's brothers look so proud to be holding their new sister!

  3. Oh she is so sweet. Congrats to you. I can't wait to follow another story of a sweet angel.

  4. Love the pictures!!! She is such a beautiful newborn!! And how sweet her big brothers are to her.

  5. She's gorgeous. I love the picture of her on discharge day. What a doll!

  6. Such a doll! Isn't it fun having a little girl to dress up =)
    Sounds like things are going well!
    Good luck with Kindergarten and pre-school - We have the same happening here next week! It is hard to believe they are old enough for school already!
    Anyway - love the pictures! She is definitely a keeper!

  7. Kaitlyn is so adorable!! I love the little knitted hat. My daughter loved being mommy's helper and when she wasn't, she was practicing with her babies. I'm glad she has done so well! Welcome to the world little Kaitlyn!!!

  8. She is precious! I am so excited to follow your journey with her from the newborn stage! We found out when Justin was 6 months, so I want to experience it from the start somehow...

  9. She is so beautiful and sweet!

  10. I'm SO happy for you and your whole family! Welcome, baby girl! You are truly beautiful!

  11. Oh she is just precious. I love her little hat.