Monday, August 24, 2009

Kaitlyn Nicole...Finally, Her Birth Story!!!

My goodness life is crazy with 3 kids! Blogging has definitely had to take a back seat to life! Every time I think I've found a quick second to sit at the computer, something comes up and it is gone. Its all worth it though, I'm loving life. A lot has happened since I wrote last. Kaitlyn's arrival was anxiously awaited for by so is her birth story!

The morning of August 4th came so fast. All 9 months flew by! My C-section was scheduled and Kaitlyn was to be born at 7:30 AM. That morning we headed to the hospital at 4:30. As soon as I got there things got started. There were a few issues with my IV, and my spinal so surgery started a little late, but with little incident Kaitlyn was born at 8:36 AM. There was a whole team of NICU staff standing by waiting to assess her, mostly due to her heart defect (complete AVSD). We knew shortly after birth she would be taken over to Devos Children's Hospital. Blair and I were able to see her for a few minutes and then she was taken up to the NICU.
Our first moment together!

Blair followed Kaitlyn up to the NICU and I went into recovery. The initial assessment from the neonatal team was great. Kaitlyn was holding her own. After an hour or so in recovery they wheeled me upstairs to hold the baby. I was so excited...relieved! My nurses did an excellent job making sure I got up to see her ASAP. It was only for 10 minutes but that's all that I needed. Over the next days I recovered fast. Every extra minute was spent up in the NICU with Kaitlyn. My Mom stayed with me in Grand Rapids and Blair drove back and forth daily to try to provide the boys with a sense of normalcy.
I was discharged on Saturday. My doctor was great. He found a way to keep me in the hospital longer so I could be closer to Kaitlyn. My hospital stay was not bad at all. We had daily visiters which really helped. Kaitlyn was discharged Monday afternoon. She was only there for 6 days. Her biggest issues were feeding, and jaundice. Feeding really wasn't even an issue. They just needed to see that she could do it on her own at a volume that was good for her weight. Did I mention she was 7lbs 15oz. We were shocked, thrilled! Every feeding they increased her intake until she was doing so well she was able to feed on demand. She took to a bottle better than nursing (but we are still working on that, pumping stinks:)). I am just relieved we've avoided feeding tubes. She's doing great! A couple days after bringing her home she already weighed 8lbs 6oz. Her jaundice was treated with a belly blanket, that was pretty neat. It was nice to be able to hold her while she was being treated. She looked like a little glow worm!
Being able to have her home has been great. She quickly learned how much she loves being held, bounced, and cuddled. The first week home we had to go for daily heel pokes to keep tabs on her jaundice. The levels slowly came down. She continues to eat like a champ, and she is awake a little bit more everyday. The boys have adjusted well. They act like she's always been here! Brady just goes about his day like normal, occasionally stopping by to talk to her or give her a kiss. Bryce is mommy's little helper. He wants to hold her, feed her, etc. They both let me know anytime she makes the smallest peep. The dog also is doing well in regards to Kaitlyn, she's very curious about the baby, but I think she is suffering from a broken heart. Unfortunately for her she has had to take her place in line, which is at the end I'm afraid. Poor Koda! All in all we are great. The next 2 weeks are crazy with doctors apts, Preschool and Kindergarten meetings, Katie's first evaluation from Early On, and much more. I can't believe Bryce is starting Preschool, and Brady Kindergarten :( Where does time go?! I'll try not to take so long between posts this next time. There will be a lot to write about!


  1. Congrats on the arrival of your newest addition. She's beautiful. So glad that you got home so soon and that she is doing well.

  2. LOVE your new header picture. So sweet. Sounds like she's a beautiful strong girl. Congratulations again.

  3. Glad to hear the details of Kaitlyn's arrival! It's great that you are pumping--hang in there and she will get the hang of it!

    What determined little girl you have! With her terrific family, she's sure to knock the socks off everyone!

  4. Oh, I am so glad to hear that her birth went well. Sounds like your story was pretty similar to mine. Ella had to spend a few days in the NICU but it was never really anything serious. Glad you have her home to love on!!!

  5. The new header pic is so adorable! Perfect choice. I'm so glad that she is doing so well. Praise God!! How did I not know that her middle name is Nicole? How sweet of you to name her after your best friend ;)

  6. Sounds like overall a smooth delivery and journey home. Landon had his turn in the NICU, staying a few extra days to jaundice. His poor heels, I thought he would be scarred for life, but you can't tell anymore! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!!

    I have to say too, I love the middle name! I'm Kelly Nicole, and Landon Cole gets his middle name from me!

  7. I am amazed you've found the time to blog! Greatful, and amazed! I haven't even had our baby yet, and haven't blogged since JULY!! You truly are amazing! And so is that pretty little girl of yours!! :) Congrats!