Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Giveaway!

Go to the Facebook link on the top right of this blog to get entered in our first giveaway.  If you are selected you will receive a custom made hat of your choice.

Read the instructions below!

Okay Fans it's GIVEAWAY time, here is how it works! For the next 48 hours everyone will have a chance to leave a comment on F & F's Facebook wall (this will be your entry), it will close Wednesday morning at 10:30 EST. In that post please let me know which hat you love and would like to receive if you win. Also please share our page on your wall mentioning the giveaway. If we can reach 150 'likes' by the close time on Wednesday, there will be 2 lucky winners instead of 1! I will then comment on each post and assign you a number. The drawing will be held Wednesday and the winner(s) will be announced! Ready. Set. Go.
Please make sure you click on ALL photos to see all the hats available, there are more than initially show up!

Thank you to all the awesome supporters of our little business!

P.S.  If you are a blogger and you mention this giveaway in a post you can get a second entry!!!
Make sure you mention this on the F & F facebook wall so you get credit for the 2nd entry!

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