Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm So Thankful...

I am so in love Ty. I cannot believe he is 3 months old already! Tomorrow he will be 3 months 13 days old. Tomorrow he will be the exact age Kaitlyn was one year ago when we sent her into heart surgery. Kaitlyn's heart surgery is behind us and in all honesty it really isn't something I had been thinking of often. But these past weeks I have been constantly reminded of last Fall. This year everyone is healthy, everything is normal, we enjoyed Halloween, school parties, playing in the leaves and soon we will all be home together for Thanksgiving! This year we were able to celebrate Brady's 6th birthday and enjoyed every minute.
Last year at this time H1N1 tore through our house. The fear of Kaitlyn getting sick when she was so "heart"sick already was absolutely terrifying. Last year Kaitlyn and I stayed home on Halloween. She was so sick. I missed Bryce's family Fall party because I was at the hospital with Kaitlyn getting chest X-rays. We were given a surgery date only 1 1/2 weeks before hand. The date for surgery would be November 17. Brady's 5th birthday. We quickly through together a party for him. Kaitlyn went to her Grandma's to avoid germs and a few days later we were at the University of Michigan, we missed Brady's actual birthday. For the first time ever our 2 boys were without us and our baby was fighting for her life. Not to mention my Mom was diagnosed with aggressive cancer that same week.
(Sigh) I can't believe that was my life. Things are GREAT right now. So this Thanksgiving I am the most thankful for the health of my family. Kaitlyn had an amazing heart repair and my Mom is in remission.
Thank God!
Below are pictures of the youngest Ross.
Happy 3 Months Big Boy!!!

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  1. He is so awesome Jenee! I am so happy for you in your season of joy and thanksgiving!! God is so good!!