Tuesday, November 16, 2010


......a picture update!
My 15 month old beauty Halloween weekend! What a difference a year makes!

I'm probably the last blogger on the planet to post Halloween pictures, but my life is CRAZY!
Ty is finally sleeping at night and I must confess I've been choosing sleep over computer time! Back in mid October I got really sick with strep throat which abruptly ended my 31 for 21 challenge. I honestly had great intentions and applaud everyone who achieved it!

The four munchkins...the Vampire, Kitty, Biker, and Puppy!
Love this picture!

Pretty Kitty


Aunt Jenna and her favorite baby girl!

Our handsome biker dude!

And the super cuddly puppy!


At least one of them would touch the inside of a pumpkin this year! Progress!

The babes and I at Bryce's class party. It was a lot of work even with Daddy there!

Brady the Vampire at his school party!

I loved her outfit that day! Girls are so FUN!

Well tomorrows' a big day.
November 17th is the one year anniversary of Katie's heart surgery!
And my big boy turns 6!
I am so thankful we will be out celebrating his birthday tomorrow as a family and not in a hospital!
Look for Kaitlyn's heart video tomorrow!

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