Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Morning At Our House

It was a good morning. It's always eventful here, but there wasn't any fighting, NO time outs, and Kaitlyn didn't get a single boo-boo. She is VERY mobile and mischievious. The bumps and bruises that are always on her forehead are proof. :)
Daddy is working a 16 hour day, so today I'm flying solo :(
So far so good, but we still have 6 hours until bedtime and 8.5 until he is home, crossing our fingers that the day stays this good.

As I scrolled through all those pictures all I saw was eyelashes.
Why can't mine look like that! :)
All 4 kids have beautiful eyelashes, and they got them from their Dad!
In the top and bottom picture you can see our new gate.
Neither Kaitlyn or the dog are big fans!
It is saving my life, and keeping her safe, I LOVE IT!
Below are several pictures of the 14 month old tot doing one of her favorite things.
Torturing, I mean loving her baby brother.
She's learned some naughty things and is keeping us on our toes!

"No, no Kaitlyn," comes out of our mouths a lot!

"But I just want to kiss him," she says.

"and love him"

"and squeeze his toes"

"and pinch his squishy thighs"

And for the sake of making her daddy crazy, she won't keep her hands off the TV.
So all in all its been pretty quiet.

No guarantees it will stay that way.

The gear toy in the picture above is Kaitlyn's favorite toy!

The boys are getting so BIG!

(eyelashes again, my goodness)
Have a great day!

Day 3/31 complete!


  1. They sure do have some beautiful lashes! That Kaitlyn sure does know how to make trouble, huh? ;-)

  2. Kaitlyn is a beautiful little girl!! Love the photos, especially the eyelash ones. Yep, I'm jealous, too. Btw, Sammi drives her daddy crazy trying to *clean* the television with a wet wipe. Urgh.