Monday, October 11, 2010

7 Years Ago Today...

Blair became my husband,
we became a family,
and we started our journey together!

Never in a million years could I have imagined where we would be today.
We've been given many blessings, some wanted, others not, but blessings non the less.
We've been blessed with four beautiful children, one miscarriage, and yes, Down syndrome. A congenital heart defect, heart surgery, and the stress of multiple pregnancies. We've had personal health scares and dealt with my Mom having life threatening cancer (she's now in remission). We've been blessed with great friends, and bad friends. We've learned to live with a peanut allergy,work through heart ache, and have learned how to always find the good in all the bad.
We've grown together and apart and back together again many times. We've grown as individuals, as a couple and as a family.
We've learned so much about life and its true meaning. We now enjoy the small things and continue to try to value the things in life that REALLY matter, our loved ones.
Our relationship is constantly a work in progress, but a masterpiece is being formed and it's turning out to be so beautiful. Our journey has been amazing and I thank God for putting us together to share these experiences.
Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband, thank you so much for being the amazing man and father that you are. I LOVE YOU!

(The song playing was our wedding song)


  1. I love this. Love being able to see your wedding photos too-so beautiful.

  2. What an amazing couple that I am so happy I met!!! Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing! couples could learn alot from the two of you!-angie b

  3. looked so beautiful on your special day! happy 11 years :)

  4. sorry...happy 7 years! i'm not sure where i got 11!