Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlyn!

What a special day today is, our little girl is one. Emotions are high as we reflect back on the last 12 months. She has brought us such joy and we thank God each and everyday for allowing us to be her parents. Below is a video montage that I created. It has taken me weeks to make and I am so excited to share it. It is a little long, it was too hard to cut things out. She had an amazing first year! Take the time and watch the video to the end. It gets better and better as it goes on. Enjoy!
-Refresh the page if you can't see the video-

(Pause the music at the bottom before pushing play)


  1. Happy birthday Kaitlyn!! Hope you had an amazing day!

  2. I love the montage! You did such a good job on it, it's perfect! She is such a beautiful little miracle. We are all blessed to be a part of her life so far! Love you, Kaitlyn and Happy 1st Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Sweet 1st Birthday, KT! You have been blessed w/an amazing family & while this video is a tribute to you and your first year, it's also a show of all the love that surrounds you every day by such extra special people!
    P.s. tell your mom she should've told us to grab a kleenex before we pushed 'play' !! :)