Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another BIG Milestone

I apologize for my lack of blogging! We are 3 weeks in as a family of 6 and I will admit we are having some CRAZY, chaotic moments. But we also have some wonderfully "normal" moments where life is amazing and our family feels complete.

Even though things are different in our house having a newborn again, Kaitlyn hasn't missed a beat. We are on a PT/OT therapy break until September and honestly she has made more progress in the last weeks than all of last year. Her gross motor skills are developing FAST! She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. She keeps us on our toes!

2 weeks ago on a Tuesday, Ty and I came home from the hospital. It was a busy day. I was glad to be home but it was crazy. That night the kids went to bed late. We laid Kaitlyn down in her crib, walked to the door to shut of the light, turned around and guess who was standing up.....yep, Ms. Kaitlyn. One day shy of her 1st birthday, she pulled herself to standing. She's amazing!!! We are so proud! That night, we were sooo tired. Blair right away at 10:30 at night had to take her crib apart and lower her mattress. Silly girl! Since that day she has been pulling herself up on everything.

More exciting news,
Yesterday Dr. Dale Ulrich from the University of Michigan made a house call and delivered Kaitlyn her baby treadmill.
We are so grateful for this opportunity.
I will blog about this tomorrow with pictures and a video!
Below is a picture of Ty taken by Blair last week, he was 2 weeks old.
This little 8 pounder has stole my heart!
Our family, my husband, the boys, Kaitlyn and little Ty have my heart overflowing!

Ty David, 2 weeks old!


  1. How precious is Ty....what a great picture. And sweet Kaitlyn...standing up already. She is amazing. Those pictures really make me want to hurry up and plan a trip to Michigan to meet all of my new found friends. Unfortunately, I have to make it to MO and the East Coast as well. Don't know when or how but someday, we will do it!!

  2. Ty is adorable - love the picture on the scale! way to go kaitlyn - standing up in your crib, yeah :) it won't be long until you are cruising all around and i am guessing the baby treadmill will help with this. can't wait to hear more about it and see pics!!!

  3. That picture of Ty of beautiful. How blessed you are! That's amazing that Kaitlyn was standing in her crib. She sure looked so proud of herself. I bet you were all bursting with pride!

  4. That picture of Ty is precious. I can't believe the strides Kaitlyn has made this summer! It's hard to believe she's one year already and growing up so quickly. I can't wait to see and hear about her and the treadmill!