Friday, July 16, 2010

Good News / Bad News

is that Kaitlyn's one year pictures are done!
I've been so excited to share these. I think Blair did a great job!
I hope you enjoy them!

I'm on bed rest. Out of the blue at a routine OB check-up yesterday I had high blood pressure and some swelling. I was sent up to the hospital for a non stress test and some blood work. I was sent home with a 24 hour urine test to look for protein, fun times! And I have an ultrasound on Monday. They are wanting to confirm preeclampsia.
The non stress test (NST) went great! The baby boy was very active and passed in the first 20 minutes. I will have a NST twice a week until I deliver. I'm not sure what next week will bring, I am crossing my fingers for delivery. Bed rest and a family with small munchkins doesn't work so well. We are taking it seriously. Blair is staying home so I can rest. It all feels very surreal. I feel 100% fine other than being exhausted. I think that is normal considering I am 38 weeks pregnant though. It is stressful to say the least. It is hard to sit still and watch life go on around me. I'm a SAHM and to watch my husband do my job is difficult. He is doing a great job, but much differently then how I do things. I know he has the hard job right now, so I stay quiet and let them do things his way.
Please pray things go smoothly the next days and weeks!
I'm ready to meet this little guy!
Well I'm off to the hospital to drop off my 24 hour urine test. Boy was that fun, so glad that is done with.....(smile)
Enjoy your weekend, I will from my couch!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
I was so excited to share!


  1. The portraits of Kaitlyn are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    And I'm sending all my best wishes for your pregnancy and good health! *hugs*

  2. Kaitlyn is so gorgeous! Looks like she was enjoying herself, which always makes the photo session much more fun. Love the tutu!!

    Bummer about the bedrest. Enjoy the time while you can. You'll be back up & at it before you know it with plenty to do.

  3. the one year pictures of kaitlyn are BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!
    so sorry to hear you are on bedrest - but i am relieved you are 38 weeks pregnant and not 28 weeks! hope all looks ok re: the urine test and that the non stress tests continue to go well!!! glad you are not feeling anything other than tiredness!!!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! She is such a beautiful girl!

    Praying for you and your sweet new baby boy! (p.s. SO proud of you for keeping your mouth shut when daddy does your job differently! That's a feat I'm not sure I could master. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl!

    Praying that labor comes soon and that all goes well for you and your little boy!

  6. Kaitlyn looks beautiful in all those pictures! I love the one with her arms up and a big ole grin! so sweet. Hopefully, you'll only be on bed rest for a short time. I'm praying I don't get stuck on bed rest! I have a hard time letting Bradley do my work, so God Bless ya for keeping quiet! ;-)

  7. The pics are beautiful. They are so unique with all of the dresses and flowers. Hope all goes well for you in the final stretch.

  8. I just adore the one with her hands up. so cute. I will be praying for you these next few weeks.

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos. So precious.