Monday, October 5, 2009

She's Smiling!!! And A Weekend With Friends!!!

She's been smiling randomly for a while now but I could never get a picture. She's doing it all the time, she's really responding when we talk to her. It makes me melt. What a pretty girl!!!

Koda and Kaitlyn, she lays by the baby all the time. I think she's going to be quite protective!

My friend Kim and her mom Brenda came to meet Kaitlyn on Friday!

On Saturday we went down to Holland to spend the day with my friend Tiffany and her girls. Little Macey is a such a little mommy, she couldn't get enough of Kaitlyn!

Making cinniman rolls, they were soooo good!

The whole clan. Bryce, Macey, Kaitlyn, Brady, and Elyse!


  1. What cute pictures! Thanks again for coming over, it was really nice to see you and the kids again. We are looking forward to this weekend!!

    Here's the link to the recipe -

  2. So cute - love all of her new expressions!

  3. HI! I just found your blog and added myself as a follower! I have 5 of my twins has DS also. Your Kaitlyn is absolutely beautiful!!! I could just squeeze her!!! I would love to make her some socks(as a gift)...please stop by my blogs. I like to do this for new baby girls with DS!

    Those cinnamon rolls sound yummy!

  4. What beautiful pictures! I just love seeing Kaitlyn's smile!!

  5. Darling pictures! What a precious smile she has!!

  6. Oh my word! That smile is to die for! She is beautiful!

  7. She is so cute and sweet! looks like a great weekend!